Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Domestic Goddess: How to clean off wax crayon!

How do you get wax crayon off a white board?


Wax crayon is a tricky substance when it's applied to anything other than paper.

My 3 year old recently decided to scribble all over her white board with wax crayons.  I assumed I'd be able to wipe it off with a wipe.  No such luck.

Damp cloths simply slid over the top of it.  I wish I'd have remembered to take a picture of the mess it was in when I started, but here's the finished product after I worked out that some friction was needed and pulled out a microfibre cloth and the Cif cream. (It's still Jif to me, but I'll relent and use the current name!)

As good as new in seconds!


 So how do you get wax crayon off other surfaces?  

Here's my quick guide for the domestic goddess hiding in us all.

Wax crayon on:

  • Non-Washable Fabrics - Dab with methylated spirits.  Always work on the reverse side of the fabric if possible with a towel under the stain on the right side.  This stops you pressing the stain further into the fabric.  
  • Washable Fabrics - Treat as you would non-washable fabrics above then also wash in detergent.
  • Plastic tables/toys - Rub with a baby wipe.  You need to rub quite hard to get it off.  For stubborn areas the microfibre cloth and Cif will work.

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