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Google reader is no more: What alternatives are there?

Why is this article useful? Should I read on?

If you don't use Google Reader then you can probably disregard this post. My apologies for bringing you here for this. If you are a parent and want to stick around the site for parenting and beauty tips, how-to guides and family holiday reviews, please do grab a cuppa, put your feet up and delve straight into the menus above and over on the right.

However, if you do use Google Reader either to follow websites and News feeds, or as a developer or blogger, then read on.   This post is definitely for you.

Google Reader is giving notice

On Wednesday, 13th March, Google announced that it's RSS feed reader, used by millions to follow news sites and blogs, would cease on 1st July 2013.

What alternatives are available to follow Yummy Mummy? Really? Or, indeed, any other blog or RSS feed?

If you currently follow my humble blog using Google Reader you are cordially invited to follow me using one of these alternative subscription methods.

Follow using my email service. This way you get new blog posts direct to your in-box. It's the best and easiest way to subscribe.  Simply pop your email address into the box over at the top right of this website. Easy as pie, and no need to sign up for a new account with a new RSS reader. I value your loyalty and will ensure posts are worthy of your time. If you received this post via email already then "well done you!" There is no need to do anything.

Alternatively, add my feed to your alternative RSS reader.  The reader options are further outlined below and the link to click is here in this yummy looking cup of coffee!

Follow using Twitter. You can find me using this lovely link - click the coffee cup!

Follow the Yummy Mummy? Really? Facebook page and get my updates in the Facebook news feed.  Simply click the cup.

Jump into the new Google+ service and follow me there. I'll be honest with you and say that my update feed into Google+ is new and isn't yet working consistently, but I am working on it and will do my best to make this work as soon as the technical issues can be fixed.  Again, click the cup to join up.

What other feed readers could I use?

There are other feed readers out there. Some are already integrated into your web browser.

Using Internet Explorer? You can click on the RSS icon appearing in the Internet Explorer command bar and see a list of available feeds on this website. If the small orange square RSS icon isn't appearing in your Internet Explorer command bar, right click over the tool bars at the top of the page and select "customise your toolbar", "add or remove commands". You should then get a pop up window which allows you to select the icons you'd like to see and 'add' them to the bar. Once you have the icon, clicking it when you find an interesting website will show what feeds are available for that site. Choose one, and Internet Explorer will store the feed in your favourites bar. Click on the favourites star over on the left, then click 'RSS feeds'. If you are struggling with this, give me a shout.

Firefox: Similarly if you right click whilst hovering over the Firefox menu bars at the top of your Firefox browser, you can select 'customise' and add the RSS feed icon to your tool bar allowing you to add any available feeds to your list.

Using a tablet? If you tend to browse whilst on the move, you may prefer to switch to Feedly. You can log in using your Google account and sync with Google Reader now, authorising Feedly to use your Google Reader account. This will bring in your existing subscriptions and starred posts (which will become 'bookmarks' in Feedly. Once Google Reader shuts down you won't even notice.

Feedly also comes as an app for both Android and Apple users. The app is really clear to use, but tends to allow you to only add feeds whilst surfing within the app. Of course you can copy paste the URL of the site you want from your Safari browser then jump into the Feedly app, click the 'explore' option in the app and post in the website of interest.

On your desktop however, you can opt to download the appropriate browser plug-in to add a "add to Feedly" icon on your toolbar. This makes it far easier to drop sites you discover surfing into your Feedly reader in one click. Go to to find your plug-in.

How much time do I have to decide?

Remember, Google Reader will stop on the 1st July 2013. Take some time to review your options and then get started sooner rather than later. At least then you won't loose all your feeds until you have them set up elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope this post was useful. Please share it with friends who you think will benefit from it. There are useful sharing links below. Remember to add this site to your reader whichever one you choose. You won't regret it.

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