Saturday, 2 March 2013

Out of the mouths of babes: March 2013

It's been a while since we indulged in a spot of giggling at the amazing things our young children say on this blog. It's not that mine haven't been saying all manner of amusing, inappropriate, embarrassing things. It's just that I haven't been organised enough to jot them down.

I feel an extra need to indulge in a spot of giggling at the moment as we are going through some personal family life challenges at the moment that are making life that little bit more emotional, raw and painful. But we are a family bursting with love, and it's for that reason that I know we can get through the challenges together. When it's less raw, and less likely to set me off crying again, I may well share; but until then I undertake the usual human trait of short-term avoidance tactics and instead indulge in the distraction of my daughters' naivety.

So what have they been saying? It's no surprise that it's the youngest who has produced the most chuckle inducing moment this month. My husband took her swimming for a treat, and they took her new floats. The floats are the long thin sausage-shaped floats that they use in her weekly swimming lessons. We bought a couple of take away when we go on our summer holidays and a test run was required.

They had plenty of fun swimming in the pool and eventually exited, dripping wet, back to the changing rooms.

The changing rooms are those 'family' based ones. It's all genders, but with individual cubicles in corridors, with separate lockers. My husband and daughter began getting dry in their cubicle whilst other families were similarly changing in cubicles either side.

"Daddy. Your big sausage is dripping all over!" says our innocent younger, in her 'slightly too loud' voice; meaning, of course, that the sausage shaped float was dripping water all over the floor in the cubicle.

Needless to say you could hear the stifled giggles from neighbouring cubicles. I just hope they'd seen the float and knew what she was really talking about!!

Husband went pink. Obviously.

But it's not just the children saying inappropriate things this month. On leaving my office I meant to ask my colleague if she could turn off the plug sockets for my computer and printer at the wall on her way out, as I had already crossed the room to the door before realising I'd forgotten to do so. It's all part of a strict energy saving programme at my workplace.

What I actually said was; "Can you flick me off on your way out, please?"

Can you beat those? What have your children been saying to embarrass you? Or have you, like me, managed to embarrass yourself?

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  1. I did once text THE WRONG PERSON the immortal line "it's £50 if you want it in bubbles, but let me know now because I don't have much time".

    I was buying fabric and had to get back in time for the school run...

    1. Yeah, yeah, we believe you! ;-) Oops! When you say wrong person, was it a friend, or family?

  2. 3 year old daughter stood on s chair and shouted "mammy, look at the hedgehog" at a guy with a Mohawk.

    1. Oh no! I love how literal children are. It's a real pity that you can only get away with saying things like that when you are either very young or very old.


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