Saturday, 6 April 2013

Classic 80s movies: which is your favourite?

I am debating which of three classic 80s movies to watch tonight. I have already taken a fair amount of time to narrow it down to these three. It is a very tricky task as I have a fairly large collection of 80s movies. I am a member of the John Hughes generation, and as such, my movie collection contains almost every single one of his feel good coming-of-age classics; both in their original VHS format (yes I am that old - want to make something of it?) and in DVD format, since the VHS copies have certainly seen better days.

These are the films that shaped my view of what true love looked like, what friendship was all about and what truants were all doing on their days off. One of these films resulted in my lifelong dream to sing on a float in the middle of Chicago. You never know, miracles happen.

Do you remember these? Which of these three would you pick? Which other classics do you remember?

Here are a couple of quiz questions to challenge your 80s knowledge.

1) Who played the Mannequin in Mannequin?
2) What was the original name of the film "Adventures in Babysitting"?
3) Who was the actor that Ferris's sister falls for? And for a bonus point, who played Ferris's sister?
4) What type of car did Ferris borrow?
6) Name three 80s actors that were all super famous that the Babysitter managed to co star with in other 80s classics. (Which films?)

Did you manage the above questions without the help of google? If so, congratulations! You get the 80s gold star.


  1. Ooh it has to be Cocktail for me, I'm a Tom Cruise admirer! Did you see him on Graham Norton the other night? Still amazingly tasty at 50 yo would you believe it. What did you pick in the end? x

    1. Mannequin. Haven't seen it for years. Trouble was I didn't get to watch it. As I popped it in the DVD player Princess Peppa woke up choking and crying. She threw up all over herself and her bed. Not pretty. Film is sat patiently on the side for tonight instead.

  2. Oh dear, well I hope you enjoy this eve instead!

  3. Ohh i know the Ferris Buellers ones(i love Dirty Dancing so of course know Jenifer Grey plays the sister of Ferris!).

  4. Sorry Louise. I have to pull yo up on the original name for adventures in babysitting. It all depended on which country you saw the film. It was either AIB or a night on the town. Both names were out at the same time.
    I'd go for young Sherlock or biggles.

    1. Are you absolutely certain? I thought they trialled it with A Night on the Town, then changed it.

      Young Sherlock? Huh? What are you on about?

      P.S. Was the touring cars good?


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