Monday, 1 April 2013

Out of the mouths of babes: April 2013

outofthemouthsofbabes Teeth brushing time

I am brushing Little Miss George's (4) teeth after a bath. In our family we try and speak bits of other languages when we can, and also try and get the children to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes, so teeth brushing time is an ideal time for me to count in different languages to kill two birds with one stone.

So I start with German to build up my confidence as that's the language I did at A Level, so getting to sixty is no problem.

That's the first minute gone.

Time to try Spanish

Then we switch to Spanish. I can only get to 10, but do it as we are going to Spain this summer and want to start picking up some phrases with the girls between now and then.

The only problem is that I have only just come back from a weekend in Lille, France, and so have French on the brain. It was no surprise, therefore, that my brain got stuck when, having got to 10 and pointed out that we will need to remember the Spanish numbers for holiday, Little Miss George says...


Test time

"What's 'hello' in Spanish mummy?" There's a minuscule pause in which my head runs around in a panic grasping at foreign words at random until luckily falling, nose in the mud, on to one that works...

"Hola", I say with a mini sigh of relief.

"What's 'goodbye' in Spanish mummy"? She says next.

Cue the mental panic. All I can think of is the Terminator. I am pretty sure that "Asta la vista" isn't Spanish for goodbye. At least I am as sure as I can be when random German, French, Spanish and Greek words are flying through my head in a swirl of accents. It 'might' be correct enough for this purpose - but it's not the straight translation I was looking for.

"Hasta ...." I say, and then pause. "Hasta... Loo... Asta Luego?" I am thinking that Hasta Luego is 'good afternoon' at this moment. I am fairly sure I need another word after the Asta instead.


Little Miss George is looking up at me in full concentration, eyes wide, trying to also remember. It looks like she recognises what I am trying to say. Maybe all those episodes of Dora the Explorer, were useful after all, I think as she opens her mouth to speak....?

"Asda Price?" She suggests.

I so love my girls. Especially, and even when, they make me laugh so hard I have to consider my continence requirements.

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  1. Brilliant, that made me laugh :)

  2. She's so cute!!!
    How about when you asked me how much Miss Whizzy weighs now.
    Me "About 10lbs"
    Miss Pepper "Do you have to buy babies mummy?"


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