Monday, 22 April 2013

Juggling all those parenting balls? Join the rest of us jugglers at the Britmums Juggling Carnival!

I have a BRILLIANT collection of blog posts to delight your senses.  These are stories from real women about the real challenges we have juggling our roles as (in no particular order) mother, daughter, wife, employee, boss, sister, friend, entertainer, pot-washer, hairdresser, clothes washer, seamstress, baker, spider catcher, dancer, writer, accountant, author, reader, cook, card fairy (magically sending cards to members of the family you've only ever met once, but who you absolutely must send cards at appropriate points in the year), tweeter, sympathetic-ear, first aider, toy mender, story teller, dietitian, referee, taxi driver......... and that's just me!

Grab a Sangria.  Throw on your dancing shoes.  Join us for the Britmums "Juggling" Carnival.  A party for us to share how we keep those balls; clubs; knifes; flaming torches even; in the air, and maybe get a slice of 'me' time in the midst of all that juggling!

First up, it's Jennifer from Jennifer's Little World Blog, who is struggling to juggle the needs of a big one and a little one.  It's not easy when children are at different ages or stages.  My only advice would be to try and get the younger child to bed a little earlier and spend the last half hour of the day with the older child.  One on one time at bedtime, for reading and jigsaws, may help.  Anyone else got any suggestions?

Becky, on Family Budgeting, is juggling her and her 8 year old son's views on what his bedroom makeover on a budget should look like.  Want to see what accessories they chose?  Take a look.

Candace, at Us Three By the Sea,  is struggling to juggle her 70s 'you can have it all' upbringing, and the realities of life.  She wonders; does life really begin at 40?  Can she now sit back, let life begin, and let the juggling take care of itself?

I also juggle age with expectation in my debate; is 40 too old to learn to street dance?  .

Mushroom's Mum is asking which balls we are allowed to drop and is trying not to drop the glass balls.  This juggling lark isn't easy, and increasing the number of balls makes it even harder.  Which ball's are your glass balls?  Which ones are really important?

Sarah at Mum Of Three World is managing to keep her balls in the air by getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday.  What's the matter with you woman!!!  To be fair I kinda wish I could do that as I'd get sooooo much more done in a day.  Even with this early morning trick Sarah is still struggling with the weight of so much responsibility.  Sarah, I am blowing you Carnival kisses love - mwah mwah mwah. 

Lisa, at Hollybobs, is juggling her emotions.  I can relate to those feelings when you feel yourself bubbling up with frustration sometimes when looking after children.  Lisa, you are absolutely not alone feeling those feelings.  Come on people; join me in sending over a big Carnival hug.

Now we've heard how difficult it can be, how can we take control of those balls and stop them raining down on our feather headdresses?

The final word goes to Liz Jarvis at The Mum Blog who succinctly summarises the best advice for anyone struggling with the juggling in her post; how to be a working mum without going nuts.  Nicely put Liz.  Some great advice.

And that's it folks.  Thanks for coming and joining us for a spot of juggling in this Britmums Carnival.  To find out who's hosting the next one head over to Britmums and pop it in your diary.

I'm off to pop a few balloons.....



  1. A great selection, will have to come back later and have a proper read!

  2. Thank you for including my post, what a great selection, I'm looking forward to going through them all properly!

  3. Wow! Look at all these juggling moms.. Big carnival hug for you guys!! I can't even imagine how you manage all the work, the time, and the stress. I am also a juggling mom and I can absolutely relate to all of these things but I am still at the amateur stage and my stories are nothing compared to them. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your articles and I learned a whole lot from them! Thanks a lot for sharing it to us! :)


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