Sunday, 14 April 2013

Roll up, roll up. The Britmums Carnival is coming....

It's nearly carnival time here at Yummy Mummy? Really? I have been preparing my headdress and painting the float. In my head obviously. This is an on-line Carnival, and as such it's all rather virtual. The spirit of the event is exactly the same though. It's time to get together, socialise, have a couple of drinks if you are so inclined, dress up in crazy flamboyant outfits (come on! don't be dull) and showcase your talents and skills.

The Britmums Carnival, for those not already in the know, is a collection of blog posts (written in the last month) all shared in one post by the host (moi). Bloggers take turns to host and its a great way to showcase your latest blog post or discover great blogs.

There is usually a theme selected by the host. In the spirit of the event I am choosing the theme:-



So whether your post is actually about juggling, or about an element of juggling tasks, getting a work life balance, or juggling the demands of life, they are all welcome here. See what I did there?

Interpret as you wish and send your links to me for inclusion on the Carnival Post arriving on 23rd April 2013.  (I am blowing up balloons.... honestly.)

You can email or click any of the social media coffee cup links over on the side panel to catch up with me for pre-carnival drinks.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


  1. Congratulations on hosting a carnival! I am desperately looking back over my posts for the last month to find something to link and I can't find anything! I thought I always wrote about juggling...

  2. Actually, scrap that. I just found something! Tweeted you link but will add it here too Belt and braces and all that!

  3. I'm hoping to join in this month, I'm thinking of ideas for a post!


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