Friday, 13 January 2012

How to: keep the children entertained (and quiet!)

My five year old received a brilliant present from Santa.  It's called "Sticker Scratchers".

The box contains a selection of pop out cardboard pieces which, when complete, create a selection of little photo frames, boxes and badges.  They are pre-coloured and include sections that have a white pull off section (like the reverse of a sticker).   You pull off the white section revealing a sticky surface.  You then take one of the many coloured sheets of foil supplied, place it face down on top of the sticky surface, and scratch the foil, pushing it down onto the sticky surface.  Cleverly the shiny surface of foil moves away from the sheet and onto the sticky surface.

I don't think that explanation was at all good, but hopefully the pictures help!

The good thing about this is that it's quite tricky to pull off the white sections (some of them are 'tiny!'), but it's possible if you are a persistent child; like my girl!  There is also then an element of choice about which colour foil you select.

But, and here's the really good news, there is no cutting (so less direct supervision required... eyes in the back of the head can take a rest), and no glue involved either  (eyes in back of head officially napping).

She loved this.  Just look at that gold dress she scratched on!  Her little trinket box is now in pride of place on her dressing table.  And it kept her busy and quiet for an hour.  How's that for developing a good attention span?

I still don't understand why they have to spell scratchers with a z on the end though.  Why is that!?

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