Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yummy Mummy? Really? Yes. If I can keep my New Years Resolutions!

I like making new years resolutions. 

I like taking the time to think about the year gone by; to enjoy the successes again; to reflect on the non-successes (it's not a real word, but I prefer it to failures, after all, what is failure but a successful discovery of what not to do); to think about what I want to achieve in the coming year.

Being a good mum
At the start of 2011 I wanted to try and enjoy quality time with my children as often as possible. Whilst I have some great memories of the year, I don't feel that I invested enough.  I haven't sat down quietly with the eldest to talk through the topics they are covering in school much, it's been the odd question between tea and bath time.  I haven't sang songs with the youngest in any structured lengthy way.  I feel like I have stumbled through the year 'mothering', spending  time raising my voice (more than I'd like) just to be heard. 
But then, the eldest has been suffering from glue ear and has 20% hearing loss at the moment, and probably didn't hear me half of the time.  The youngest gets far too over excited to listen, and is frankly only just 3 years old.
Do I really expect them to listen to me nagging at them to brush their teeth when playing "sports day" up and down the landing is far too much fun.
So in 2012 I aim to relax.  To not have such a 'organised' view of what quality time should look like, but to enjoy each moment as it happens.  

Being a good wife
It goes without saying that I love my husband to bits.  But in 2011 I don't think I've shown him that.  In fact he probably feels quite neglected.  Partly because life is so busy and I have a million and one things to think about and do, but mainly (since the busy bit is just an excuse) because I have taken him for granted.  

So in 2012 I aim to relax; to enjoy every moment in his company that I can, and to arrange date nights and baby sitters and family days and sitinfrontoftheTV pizza nights.  To write him notes to hide in his wallet; to buy him his favourite cereal; to recognise when he needs me to shut up. 
At the start of 2011 I resolved to finish the science fiction novel I started writing at the age of 21 and which I have never completed.  The story is planned, but I just never got all the words onto paper (or screen).  

At the end of 2011 I had retyped the part of the novel I'd already written and had added possibly 200 words.  But I had developed, and improved on my blog (I hope), and I had completed a children's picture book story which I have been sending to various publishers (no luck so far, but fingers crossed).  Although the writing target hadn't been met as originally intended, I was pleased with progress made.  But I still mentally beat myself up about my failure in this specific task. 

So in 2012 I aim to relax.  To not mentally beat myself up; to get that children's story into print; make strong inroads into the novel; and continue to build on, and improve, the blog.  I'm on to a decent start with the inclusion of my Flash Fiction piece "On the Ledge" in a new ebook for charity. (Click here to read it and find out more.)

Spotted the pattern yet?  All the relaxing should keep the frown wrinkles at bay at any rate!  Let's put the kettle on: it is National Hot Tea Month!.

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