Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lakeland brilliance - The Dish Genie

Lakeland Dish Genie

My  favourite (non-clothes*) Christmas present this year wasn't perfume, or lipstick, or indeed chocolates (shock horror!) It was this clever mat to pop on our kitchen unit next to the draining board for putting the glasses on to dry.

I always wash glasses by hand; the dishwasher always seems to scratch them; and I have a tendency to leave them on a tea towel.  And no matter how pretty the tea towel is, it still doesn't look as smart as this little baby.

The Lakeland Dish Genie is super absorbent mat that soaks up the suds and is washable.

Thank you Mum! (Of course it was from my mum!)

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 *Because my gorgeous Ted Baker coat and cardigan came top of the list!


  1. Hahaha! I just bought myself one today. What a coincidence :)

    Its awesome for now, though I'll wait and see until I've wahsed it a couple times!

  2. That looks cool - I love Lakeland they have the best stuff!

  3. Just discovered you have to be really careful with glasses on this! I placed two thin glass vases upside down on it. Then an hour later there was a tinkling sound. It took us ages to track it down to the Dish Genie! The vases had toppled over (something to do with air pressure apparently), BUT, luckily the soft Dish Genie meant there were no breakages.

    So be careful. If you place glass on it, keep it central!


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