Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Are Toys Over Packaged? So much for "Buy. Rip open. Play."

We treated our youngest to a toy at the weekend.  Before you respond; yes the eldest was also treated to a toy.  But it was the youngest's Peppa Pig branded Museum truck with dinosaur that caused me to exercise my frowny face.

After ripping through the taped cardboard box my daughter was somewhat perplexed to find the Truck screwed to it's cardboard box with a plastic plate (see picture).  

That's right.  I will stress that again.  Screwed to the box.  

It's a good job she hadn't tried to play with the new toy whilst we were still out.

Only another 20 minutes later; after I'd tracked down the screwdriver (still hiding away after the excesses of its last trip out of its little toolbox house) and I'd managed to unscrew the two screws, could she actually play with it.

I don't understand.  

Frankly, if I was so intent on stealing Peppa's Museum Truck I don't think undoing two screws once 'dI got it home would put me off.

Secondly, I thought we were in a world that is trying to cut down on excess packaging.  So these extra plastic strips screwed onto toys help how?

Finally, why bother with the box at all? 

What do you think?  Are toys over packaged?  

Could you get them out of their boxes easily at Christmas?


  1. I spent Christmas at my SILs and our kids are both two - you can imagine the piles of redundant carboard and the frustrated attempts to open those wretched screws.

    I have heard that some ultra-organised folk unpack, unscrew and battery-fill the toys then wrap them up so they are ready to play with. Sounds like a great plan to me ! If only I could be bothered....

    1. Sounds far too organised to me! I'd love to do that but wrapping takes long enough as it is!


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