Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve Fun!

So it's Christmas Eve Eve (That's the day before Christmas Eve - just to be clear!) and the children are having a whole day out with Grandma and Grandad to go to the pantomime.

My hubby books the day off and we spend the whole morning screwing.

The first screw was a bit tricky.  It wouldn't go in.  But in the end a bit of fiddling did the trick and in it slid.

After quite a few more screws, and three hours later, we were getting blisters.  So we had to have a lie down on the bed we'd just made.

But it wasn't all that comfortable to be honest.  Our old mattress was too big for the bed, so I braved the awful rain and dangerous driving conditions on the M1 to travel 30 miles to IKEA and back to collect two new mattresses.  Very comfortable they are too.

It's a good job the eldest appreciated her new bed that Santa delivered early whilst they were at the Panto.

Apparently it was too big for his sleigh.  I can't imagine how hubby and I missed him.

Too much screwing I guess!?

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