Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Christmas Bad and the Portrait Ugly!?

Christmas has definitely arrived at our house.  The 'Santa Stop Here' sign is outside, the tree is up, lights are on, and Christmas cards are appearing randomly on shelves.  But I still haven't found a suitable card display technique that doesn't involve banging nails in the wall and doesn't involve blue-tac.

And although my effort at capturing our tree isn't too bad (?), after receiving Joanne Mallon's tip following my last post, I jumped straight into Android market and downloaded myself the Colour Touch App that appeared after searching for 'Hipstamatic' in an attempt to improve my pictures.  And literally one minute later I had created.... well.... this.    
Appropriate caption anyone?

OK, maybe I shouldn't have tried to photograph myself!  

The app is actually very straight forward and good for quick edits (turning colour into black and white, sepia etc with one click).  So thanks Joanne!

But I think a bad picture will always be a bad picture!  I'll start working on the basics first shall I?

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