Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Joining Mumsnet and learning a lot!

Last week I became a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network (hence the shiny new badge appearing on this site!).  I am still excited and nervous.  Despite jotting down the odd thought on this blog at random intervals over the last couple of years, I have not really thought that much about being a 'blogger'.  I guess I didn't want to be defined by any particular stereotype;  I just wanted to share a little and hopefully bring about the odd smile or two.

So now that I'm officially a member of a larger blogging network, full of experienced (and famous) bloggers, I am feeling somewhat meek.  I am not sure if my words can stand up alongside blogs by the likes of David Miliband and I notice that all the bloggers in the network seem to know each other well, and have a raft of shorthand abbreviations that they use which require a dictionary to decipher.  I suppose that's the same in any organisation or occupation - jargon is used as part of the bonding of the group.  So it's not a problem; I just need to keep reading and work it out I guess.  Like any new girl.

Having said that, my first foray into the bloggers forums seems to have gone alright and people have been very nice to me.  Thankfully.  (Still feeling meek here - like the new child in the playground hiding in the corner, wanting to make friends but not sure how!)

One of the great things about the Bloggers Network is that it introduces you to other Blogs.  Much like learning how to paint requires a study of other painters, I think learning how to blog well requires a study of other blogs.  I have discovered a lovely blog by Emma Lee-Potter, who really does know how to write (and has published four books to prove it - I'm a little jealous, but in a good way!) And another by ATOMum called 'Attempting the Ordinary' which makes me smile.  Hopefully their good example will urge me to try harder!

I have noticed though, that some of the most appealing blogs to read using a computer (laptop/netbook/ipad etc) are those with good artwork and photography.  The eye likes the colour!  But, when surfing through blogs using a smart phone or ipod, the small screen means that it's preferable to see summaries.  I guess this is where the creation of Apps comes in.  (By the way Mumsnet - Keep working on that App for Androids won't you!)

So it's all given me a lot to think about, since I am a hopeless photographer!  Luckily, I can at least download some free photos off the web to Christmasify my blog this month.  You never know, maybe I'll get snapping away myself in the new year!

The downside of all this is that I am spending far too much time with my nose stuck to my phone reading the active conversations in Mumsnet Talk.  My hubby will just have to watch the footie instead of having a chat! (Hmmm - I don't think that's good relationship advice...!)

Keep voting in my 'How much will you spend on the Children this Christmas' poll.  (you'll need to switch from mobile web view to full screen to do this... sorry!)


  1. The bloggers' network is my favourite part of Mumsnet. We're always nice to each other, we love it when new people come along and we all have really wonderful blogs. And we're modest.

  2. I hope you enjoy the network! Please don't be put off by big names - blogging is very democratic and we all have a valid space on the web. Be proud of your blog and how it reflects you.

    I must confess that I am a pretty rubbish photographer too - the way I get round it is by taking a lot of pics using the Hipstamatic app, which makes everything look fab, and editing pics using a fab site called

  3. Thank you both!

    Joanne, i will look into that app... Thanks for the tip.

    Littleme... Very modest! I like it!

  4. Hello, I found your blog from the mumsnet newbie forum. I am hoping to meet more bloggers and become part of the mumsnet community so we can do this together :)

    The thing I have found out about blogging is that you get better as you go along so in no time you will feel more confident.


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  6. Cripes.. I can't type today and have had to delete my comment due to the spelling! Let's try again!

    Hi Bailey, I love that thread. I am discovering some great blogs. I will look out for you there. Thanks for the comment. I agree! :-)


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