Saturday, 3 December 2011

Thermal Lingerie!? Hot vs Hot?

Hot (Sexy) versus Hot (Warm and Cozy)

This week the temperature has suddenly dropped.  Our central heating has jumped into action and my skin is already starting to dry out when faced with such a radiator warmed atmosphere and sudden plunges into 5 degree Celsius weather when stepping outside.  (Find winter skin care tips and beauty bargains here)

And I am faced with an ultimate challenge.  A challenge which, two years ago, contributed to me starting this blog in the first place.  The challenge of being yummy.

It's cold.  At 11pm it's particularly cold because our heating is programmed to turn itself down to 10 degrees Celsius (frost protection) on the assumption that we are usually tucked up in bed by this time, with appropriate quilts, blankets and hot water bottles as required.

So how do I get sexy, or even begin to feel sexy, when the only nightwear that appears to exist for this time in the year is the most unflattering kind ever!  And not only are the pjs that are available not particularly sexy unless adorning model size women; on me, who reaches the heady height of 5 foot 6, standard sizes look ridiculous after a couple of wears, as the legs creep up to hover around my ankles.  I look like the most un-sexy individual you can imagine.  Wrapped up in ill-fitting pjs and an over sized thick woollen dressing gown.

So I figured I'd do a search for "thermal lingerie".  I thought that it must exist...  I assumed it includes lycra, and probably still leaves the legs to fend for themselves.  But maybe, just maybe, I could get hold of a comfortable nightie or slip that includes a bit of that fabulous technology that makes it warm.

My favourite site (La Senza) quickly returned a 'zero' result to my search.  The top result on Google was SkiMania, a site, which as the name suggests, provides thermals for use whilst skiing, not for turning up the heat in the bedroom, unless you are into black ill fitting all-in-ones.   

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the offerings at Belladinotte  who have thermal camisoles that actually also include a touch of lace.  Page dutifully bookmarked.

But that was it.  I rejected the next 10 offerings off Google and was unsurprisingly fed up.  It cannot be that hard (and won't be with these being the only offerings) so why is it so difficult?

When La Senza release a range of nighties, pjs, corsets that all include the word 'thermal' in their description then sign me up.  I will be first in the queue.  Until then.... well.  I'd better fill the kettle for the hot water bottle and plan not to get out of bed....

Anyone know any other suppliers?

If you like this, you can follow the continued search for sexy thermals here.


  1. I have a couple of fetching lacy thermal vest numbers which actually came for Tesco's a couple of years back!

  2. Blimey! I'm not sure I believe that the words fetching and Tesco can be friends in that sentance, but I'll take your word for it! :-)

  3. Nothing here but if you do find something, please tell the world about it, my husband would be so please!!

  4. Still looking! do some very flattering (I kid) dressing gowns that would keep me Warm, but definately not 'Hot'. And I'd feel about 80years old.

    So far the best underwear I've found is at And even then.... hmmm?

  5. May I suggest this site:
    Also some suggestions here:

    1. oooooooo. Those Strumpet and Pink wool knickers are pretty (and hand crocheted in the UK appeals to my green side). Is it bad that I am thinking maybe wool knickers might not be great from a health and safety point of view though? I don't know how I can talk about being 'too warm' down there subtly though! Sorry folks!

      I have bookmarked both sites though! These are two great sites with lovely, pretty AND warm lingerie and nightwear.

      Thank you so much.


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