Monday, 26 December 2011 My humble words on a different site today!

My humble words will also be appearing on the Frothers: Too Many Cuts site today on the "First Day of Christmas my trust love gave to me: a useless Labour Party."

The Frothers site is a new website set up in response to the huge response a post on the Mumsnet parenting forum who said that she was "rather cross with the Government messing with the good stuff"

The site's aims are to:

- to open the general publics' eyes to the injustices being created by the government

- to inform those who are facing cuts about their rights

- to link with other activists and charities, in order to put pressure on the government
Click here to find out about Frothers. Follow at @TMC_Frothers.  And it's #Frothers on Twitter!

Click here to see my first post for them.

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