Friday, 22 June 2012

Apologies.... It's BRITMUMS LIVE!

I'm sorry.  Really sorry.  But today it's all about Britmums Live 2012.  I am on the train, feeling very geeky with my mobile providing me with a lovely WI-FI hotspot listening to increasingly drunk men starting their London-bound hen party early and drinking coffee. I'm drinking coffee; they are drinking Tetleys.  How Northern are well?

The lovely Amanda Ashton is sitting with me, trying to keep up with the increasing speed of the #britmumslive tag on Twitter.

We are getting increasingly giddy, excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am about to come face to face with a whole batch of bloggers that I've never met before but have chatted with on-line.  I just hope I don't scare them off.

I've managed to get my hair re-coloured (no roots today - so it's not exactly a realistic picture they are getting!) and I've even had a manicure.  I am pulling out all the stops here!

Managed to forget the hair dryer though, so I just hope I don't look too scarecrow-like tomorrow morning.

Hi to everyone that is traveling down (or indeed up) the country (or indeed world) to  converge on London.  See you all there!

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