Wednesday, 13 June 2012


We are at the seaside and my hubby has taken the eldest out to swim in the sea. 

It's a lovely large sandy beach and the water is not particularly deep and it stays so for quite a while, providing a very large area for swimming and splashing and lounging about on lilos (if so inclined) quite safely.  

She, the 6 year old, is swimming with an inflatable ring around her waist for ease.  He's encouraging her to kick her legs and practice her swimming strokes as she's been taking lessons.
They've been in the sea a fair while, so it's not entirely unexpected when she says:

"I need the toilet, daddy"

Daddy does what, let's face it, most daddy's would do when faced with this question at nearly a hundred yards from the shore. He explains, in hushed tones, that it's really alright to go to the toilet out in the sea when you are that far out.  After all; it's all very natural and no-one will ever know.  And of course, it saves him rushing her in to the beach and up to the hotel.

A few minutes later she grins and says; "Done it!" and carries on swimming.  

Daddy is pleased with his parenting skill so far in, what could have been a taxing situation.

They swim some more.

And Daddy catches sight of a leaf in the sea.  

He thinks it's odd, being so far out, so he looks a little more closely.  

It's not a leaf.

Daddy wasn't entirely specific enough when he explained what was acceptable in the sea.  In fact he really ought to have explained what was and what wasn't.

He quickly moved away from the floating 'leaf' and said to her urgently.

"Did you just have a wee wee, dear?"

"No daddy" she says, sweet and innocent as pie. "I did a poo poo too" she adds proudly.

Parenting skills have taken a blow.  Daddy knows he needs a quick recovery.  Clean up will be required if he has any hope of keeping this minor error a secret. He whispers to her that actually it's not really good form to do 'those' in the sea, and he gets her to quickly whip off her swimsuit so that he can 'clean it out'.  

They are a long way out, and there's a lot of space around them, so hopefully no one will notice.

He cleans the swimsuit up, scrapping them out with his hands (euuuwww), and pops them back on her and looks around them to check if he's got away with it. 

A fellow is floating quite close to them now on a lilo, but other than that, there isn't anyone particularly close by.  

He thinks they've got away with it.
That is until he spies, out of the corner of his eyes, the man on the lilo suddenly flinch, and start back-peddling quickly in the opposite direction.

I guess the 'leaf' was heading his way......


I am lucky to have such an honest husband that, in the interests of providing bloggable material he felt he really couldn't keep this secret, well, a secret.


  1. Haha! Totally gross, yet totally funny at the same time. Ah...brings back memories. Not of me, the daughter. Love the bit where he catches the guy out of the corner of his eye and sees him flinch and back peddle. I can totally picture it. Classic! Oh and your daughter's answer to the wee wee question. Haha! Even more classic!

  2. Brilliantly hilarious! Love it! ;)

  3. I shall remember this parenting lesson and not make the same mistake

  4. Oh my god, this is a classic. Mind you, aren't husbands marvellous for providing us with blog material!

  5. Thanks ladies! Hubby's are indeed brilliant. I just wonder what secret parenting hiccups they don't reveal!

  6. I started to cringe a third of the way down when I realised what you were going to say. Learning point of the evening - check weather its a number 1 or 2 they are talking about. I really needed. a wee When snorkelling once but was worried about attracting a shoul of fish - it was a very long boat ride back!

    1. Ouch. I can imagine there was a lot of leg-crossing! Thanks for commenting. Lovely to see you again.

  7. That is hilarious! I'm sure it will pop into my mind next time I'm in the sea with my little ones!

    1. Hehehe. I am glad to be of service!

      Thanks for your comments. :-)


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