Sunday, 10 June 2012

Topless water slides anyone?

The summer is supposedly upon us; it is June after all; and if you are packing your cases for your summer holidays you'll no doubt be packing a bikini, or a tankini, or a swimsuit (bather, cossie) in the hope that there will be good weather to be had.

Those of you who are going on holidays sans children may well be packing these items with only a view to whether you have this season's trend or not.  You may be considering how much, or how little, skin they cover depending on how comfortable you are with your body.

But, unless you are still in your twenties and going on an activity holiday with friends, the chances are you haven't packed your swimwear with consideration as to what type of water slide they may be subjected to.

If you do have children you may suddenly find yourself, 10 years after last plummeting down a ridiculously designed water slide into water that really needs a kettle or two of boiling water adding to it, sat at the top of one such slide in a swimsuit that you fear may not cut the mustard; so to speak.

You see, women's beach wear isn't designed for water slides.  More formal women's swimwear might be; the sort of all-in-one swimsuit that the Olympic competitors may wear.  That kind of swimsuit would withstand anything you throw at it.  But, do you really want to be sat, by the pool, in hotter climes, next to the skinniest, tanned, bikini clad 18 year old, with your all-in-one Adidas piece on?  I would humbly suggest not.

So what to do? 

Freya do a good line in tankinis that incorporate 'proper' bras in them (with adjustable fastenings and everything).  These supply good support when hurtling downhill at speed.  Similarly, Figleaves do structured, under wired, all in ones that are flattering and won't be mistaken for competition cast offs.  They also have 20% off at the moment.  Just enter TWENTY at the check out.

What you can't rely on are the usual basic bikinis that grace the pages of every fashion magazine every spring.

That is, unless you are deliberately expecting to arrive at the bottom of that chute with breasts on show for all to enjoy.  If that's the case, then fine, go buy in complete freedom.  If not, elastic, structure and under wiring are your best friends, allowing you to not be 'that' embarrassing mother!  Been there.  Done that. 


  1. Or if you go to the water park at Alton Towers...
    Interesting post, but something I don't have to worry about because we don't go abroad! And if I did have a malfunction it would all be fine. Nothing at all to see.

    1. Unfortunately for me there is far far too much to see these days. Post children I just haven't got the weight off that area! It causes no end of bra trauma's!


  2. So true! Generally an all in one piece is the safest option for those days!

    1. It is, but then I find them intensely annoying when you need to use the 'ladies' and have to strip everything off. Even more tricky when it's a halterneck and also under wired!

      I finally settled on a Freya Tankini. The top tucks under the bottoms slightly so it looks like an all in one, but has the freedom of a two piece.


  3. I bet that was a great show you put on for everyone. LOL!

    To make the most of the little I have, I have tended to go for bikinis with extra padding. The problem with these when you're in a swimming pool is the sponge padding fills up with water. I come out of the pool dripping. They really need a good squeeze to get the water out but can you imagine doing that when everyone is looking?


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