Thursday, 26 July 2012

Before and After: Make-up in 5 minutes with Clarins

How to do your make-up in 5 minutes with Clarins.

I am trying to get over my fear of having my photograph taken.  It tends to reveal too many flaws for my liking, so I have photo album after photo album at home, we are up to number 46 now, with very few photographs of me in them.

So I decided to face my fear directly.

This is me before and after my make-up session this morning.

I have realised that the first is possibly the most embarrassing and poor photograph of me ever.  So if I can publish this post I will have faced up to my fears! I am such a wimp.  I get pretty red cheeks and a red nose now in the morning.  I am reliably informed it's because I'm 'getting on a bit'.  Nice.

Here's me less than 5 minutes later having popped on a little bit of Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Day Lotion (SPF 15) rubbed on as if I was rubbing on suncream - with not much grace or sophistication; some Clarins SKin Illusion Foundation (SPF10), rubbed in with fingers like the moisturiser, there's no messing with brushes in this house; some Clarins Concealer, a quick dab with the brush then rubbed in gently with fingers again; a tiny tiny bit of eye shadow near the top lashes, mostly done with my finger; a quick brush of mascara, literally two upward strokes and a final splash of lip gloss, Clarins lip gloss of course, received from a good friend for Christmas.
It makes a subtle difference, and it took me next to no time at all. It has to be easy, as I'm clueless at this beauty thing really!

Many may say I didn't slap on enough!  But I never want make-up to look like make-up.  I prefer it if no-one can even tell I'm wearing make-up as long as they also think I look surprisingly healthy despite an age increasing approaching 40.
It's all Clarins, and I save up specifically for that, purely because it's the lovely lady at our local Boots Clarins counter that introduced me to make-up for the first time 4 years ago.  I don't trust any other products!

And don't look too closely at the moustache will you!  I'm dealing with that - honest!  Check out my post on my venture into Electrolysis here.

Oh, and I should say, that this is NOT a sponsored post.  I haven't received any freebies or benefits from Clarins whatsoever for writing this post.  I just love the products.


  1. I'm impressed! That is a very subtle difference, but the after definitely looks better. I never wear make-up, never have, but I know I'm getting older, so maybe I should try it. I thought it was a hassle, but that sounds really quick and easy!

    1. Thanks Sarah, it really does take less than 5 minutes. If I skip the lipgloss (or more realistically do that bit in the carpark at work) it's even less!

      If you check out your Clarins counter at Boots, they are good at letting you have trial versions first if you are unsure. Even better, get one of the free make-overs! Just ask them!


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