Saturday, 7 July 2012

Why Why Why Why Why?

Our 3 year old is in the Why? stage.

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"Oh look sweetheart", I observe as we leave the house yesterday morning, "it's rained so hard that the puddles are really big."

"Why?" she responded, with that tone that you start to hate.  You know what I mean.  With the inflection at the end and an elongated i sound.

My reaction included a longer than usual blink, a frown and a sigh all rolled into one.

"Oh dear, it's starting to rain fast now.  Let's get inside quickly."


My reaction?  A longer than usual blink, a frown, a sigh and an additional shake of my head for good measure.  These whys are not helping me look yummy at all!

But what why questions would I ask her?

Why are you telling me you're too tired to get your pyjamas on one minute, but are leaping around on your bed, full of beans, the next?
Why do you randomly take off all your clothes and abandon them at different places across the house?  Are you playing hide and seek with them?

Why did you like cheese yesterday, but hate it today?

Why do I have packets of raisins in every handbag, clutch bag, rucksack and holdall in the house?

Why does your hair never look like I've brushed it?

Why does my hair never look like I've brushed it?

Why do I have to remind you that it's pyjamas, brush teeth, brush hair, BEFORE, story and song time, every single night, despite the fact that we've been doing the same routine since you were born?

Why do you decide it's bath time at 8am in the morning just before it's time to leave for school?

Why do I quote Daddy Pig?

Why do I find myself humming Chi-Chi-Wah* at work and having to stop myself sticking out my tongue?

Why do you never respond to my questions the first time, making me repeat myself over and over again?

Why do you never respond to my questions the first time, making me repeat myself....? Oh pants.

Have you got any WHY? questions you'd ask your children?  Please add them to the comments below; I'd love to hear them.

This post is my response to Mummy Central's Why? Meme.  Thanks to Louise at A Strong Coffee for tagging me.  If you'd like to join in, feel free!  Either add your questions by commenting below, or write your own post and link up!

*It's a very amusing and highly infectious song that appears to be a staple of European holiday resort kids discos across France and Spain. Google search results seem to indicate it's a Spanish song, but the version my children learnt in France was the Dutch version.  We then had a German version in Spain.  Confused?  Me too.


  1. Hmm, quite a few questions I find myself asking every day too. And my eldest is 11. We still have clothes on the floor and they still forget to wash their faces and brush their hair before setting off for school EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    1. Yes! I am with you. I feel like a broken record everyday telling them over and over.

      It's magic when they get themselves dressed and ready as a surprise, and it's the most random collection of clothes ever! You can't tell them to change as they are so proud! :-)

  2. My little boy is in the 'Why?' stage too!! I have renamed him Mr Why.
    'It is bath time.' 'Why?' 'It is time to come in.' 'Why?' 'Drink your milk.' 'Why?' 'That is the end of the story.' 'Why?' 'It is VERY early and still dark outside, so go back to sleep.' 'Why?' 'Mummy is very tired so go back to sleep.' 'Why?'
    I could go on and on. It does get very frustrating, and I can feel myself getting frustrated when it is repeated over and over. But then I just know it is a stage and it is how he is learning. Also as he is a bright boy, I sooner he have all these questions than him just sitting there.
    I have the same questions as you, but I am usually humming 'Dinosaur king' theme music! And wondering, why I put water on his hair in the morning when he gets up and it still ends up looking like he's been plugged into a wall socket! ;o)

    1. I have been spared the Dinosaur King thankfully! But Elder learnt Reach by S Club 7 at school this week and keeps singing that now! And it's catching!

  3. The raisins in my handbag have fallen out of the packet...

    1. Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! You'll still be finding those in 6 months!

  4. Why can't you shush for 5 minutes?!!! is a question I often feel like asking them.

    Just to let you know, I've nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. X

    1. For a second there I thought you were telling me to shush! I was a little scared. Thankfully you were not. In fact quite the opposite! Thank you so much.

      *giggles to self in childish manner*

      Hehe. :-D

  5. why is your tummy big mummy?
    why do you have a hair on your chin?

    why do we have the word why?

    1. Sounds very familiar! I am off to try electrolysis tonight for that pesky chin. I will let you know what it is like! Unfortunately the WHYs are often far too honest in my case. I am clearly trying to grow a Poirot moustache too. Oops.

  6. Mine are a bit older and it's still a nightmare - WHY can't I go out? Get a body piercing, go away with friends, drink alcohol.....aaagh. Lx

    1. You'll need to get a laminated card with "Because I said so" written on it, you'll need to say it so often!

      I hadn't realised it continues.... oh no....

  7. Oh my God we're just back from Ibiza and the Chi Chi Wah song was performed every night at our hotel's mini disco!!! Can't get it out of my head either.
    Thanks for joining in.
    For me, it's Fruit Pastilles (rather than packets of raisins) that I tend to find everywhere - in my make-up bag, down the back of the couch, in my shoes!

    1. Euuwww. I wouldn't be happy discovered a them in my shoes! I have had a couple of chewy sweets melt into the pocket of a favourite handbag before though. It just won't come out!

      I enjoyed taking part. Great meme. :-D

  8. Why dont you do as your told first off instead of me having to ask trillions of times?...

    1. Oh goodness yes! Over and over again. They drive me bonkers!


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