Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to embarrass your husband..

Yesterday a friend and I were sat on the bench along one wall at the gymnasium watching our two 6 year olds in their gymnastics lesson.  We were debating what to do over the weekend.  All experts were predicting that the sun would finally come out.  After weeks and weeks and weeks of rain (I'm not exaggerating even a little bit), we would finally have a warm weekend.

My friend had been debating booking a last minute mini break for her, her hubby and their three girls.  I suggested that, since it was going to be warm, why not stay and home and enjoy the garden; saving a few pennies in the process.  And so it was that, inevitably, then the word "BBQ" was uttered.

"I'd stock up tonight if you are thinking of doing that" I said wisely  (being the wise one that I am). If the sun really does come out tomorrow (ye of little faith) then there'll be a run on burgers and baps."

My university experience tells me that a good portion of my readers won't know what a bap is, since this is one of those items that seems to have a different name depending on which town you are in.  So; I will translate; burger bun, cob, bread cake, butty.... feel free to write in if you know of further alternatives.

"It's a good idea" she said.  To cut out the boring bit of the tale, she popped out to the shop next door and bought baps.  She bought me some too; a pack of 12.  We'd be prepared.

An hour later, as I packed away the gymnastics kit and ringing my hubby to see what time he'd be home (I was planning a Chinese take away) I realised I'd had a complete mummy brain moment.  I'd happily abandoned the pack of 12 baps in their carrier bag in the female changing room of the sports centre.

I had to ring the bewildered receptionist, who had to send a male attendant in there (no females on duty apparently) to retrieve them and to save them at reception for me.  Only I wasn't about to try and get both girls back in the car.  So hubby was called in to save the day.  One phone call later and I'd arranged for him to pick them up.

It was only when he arrived home slightly pink in the face that I discovered how much I'd embarrassed him.  You see, walking up to a female sports centre receptionist at 6.30pm on a Friday night and saying:
"I've come for my wife's baps", could potentially be taken the wrong way...........


  1. Ha ha! I just KNEW there would be a blogpost following last night's tweets ;)Good old hubby eh?!


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