Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Reader Appreciation Award

Well I never!

When you're feeling down and having a tough week, it's lovely that the blogging world can cheer you up with not one, but two blogging awards.

Having been incredibly excited to receive the Versatile Blogger Award, I have also been presented with the Reader Appreciation Award by Mother Goutte.  I am incredibly touched that people have thought of my blog and considered it worthy.  Many many thanks!

Mother Goutte has a knack of making me look something like Homer Simpson.  Just the names of her meals makes me drool.  Her blog, tales of motherhood and breastfeeding in particular, is in it's infancy, but is beautifully authentic and well worth a moment of two of your time.

This award comes with questions too; so you are all learning loads about me this week!  Including the fact that I'm avoiding other boring chores like cleaning and ironing to write this post.  Oops, but you knew that already!

1. My favourite colour is, after great consideration, green.  It's the colour that was on the walls of a hotel room in Leeds last year when I was feeling under the weather and had gone on a weekend away with the hubby.  Just walking into that room made me feel calm.  I get the same calm feeling sitting on the grass looking at the trees; so green it is.

2.  My favourite animal is Winnie-the-pooh.  Innocent and simple.

3.  My favourite non-alcoholic drink is probably a mixture of fresh orange and grapefruit juice to wake me up.

4.  Facebook or Twitter?  I use them for different things, so it's a tricky one.  Probably Twitter at the moment; though I am having to ration it for fear of it eating up my days.

5.  Give or receive presents? I prefer giving presents if I know they are the right presents and they will love them.  If I have my doubts then I don't enjoy that look that people pull when they open something that is a little disappointing and that 'oohhh, thank you' that they do in an exaggerated tone.  Obviously I similarly prefer getting presents if it's something I am desperate for.

6.  My favourite day of the week at the moment is Wednesday.  It's my day.  I decide what to do in a 5 hour window, on my own, at my pace.  It's not that I don't love days with the children or with my husband, it's just that I get chance to take a breather on Wednesday.

7. Flowers?  I like white roses.  I think they are really pretty; and I love daffodils in the springtime.

8.  My passion is currently writing, but I still get really excited when I manage to get to a good dance class of any description.

And now  (I keep starting sentences with 'and'.  That can't be right can it?) I will pass on the award to some other blogs that I really enjoy reading:

Jules at Jule, Jam & Journalism
Catherine at Low Impact Mama
Laura at Chez Mummy
Trish at Mums Gone To
Nicky at I am Typecast.

And finally (pesky 'and'.  what are you doing there?) I'm off to Twitter to share more blogging love.  If you have any more slightly random questions you'd like me to answer, please feel free to get in touch. (wink)


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog!
    What great answers too. My own award post is a bit terse in comparison...!
    I particularly like what you say about presents. Very, very true.

    1. Thanks; and thanks again for the award. :-)

  2. Thank you for passing the award on and including me. I'm glad I found your blog during my search for travel posts: I always know you'll make me laugh with your stories. Will always remember the Peppa Pig trip!

    1. As will I! In my memory it feels like a huge challenge that we overcame, rather than a relaxing trip. But then I suppose most trips with children under 6 are huge challenges!

      Our Peppa Pig adventures

  3. Thanks for the the mention :)


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