Monday, 2 July 2012

Out of the mouths of babes (July 2012): Willies & Pirates

outofthemouthsofbabesMy younger daughter is now 3 years old.  I envy the things that she gets away with saying.

"You've got a big tummy mummy.  Like Mr Greedy!"  Gee, thanks love. And no; I'm not pregnant, just suffering from post holiday weight gain.  Thanks for reminding me.

"Our cousin can stand up to do his wee wee.  I can do that too."
"No dear, you can't.... No. Sit down please dear." Starts to panic "Really, love, sit down! You've got nothing to aim with!"  How did I further explain this?  "You know the water squirters we played with on holiday, that you can point and aim at whoever you want to splash?  Well your cousin has a willy that he can point and aim with.  But you don't.  If you try and do it standing up, it'll just run down your legs."  Her response?  "That's not fair! I want one"

"Dog's aren't pets, mummy".
"Yes they are dear."
"No they're not. They are dogs."

And her current favourite jokes:
1. "What's a pirate's favourite shop?   Aaaaaarrrrrrgos."
2. "What's Dora's favourite shop?  Boots."
3. "What's a cow's favourite shop?  Mooooooo"  (No I don't get this one; but she thinks it's hilarious!)

My children make me cry laugh every day, and I guess that yours do to!  So if you have a blog, then join in the Out of the mouths of babes linky below and share your stories with us.

Now grab a cuppa, unplug the phone, and enjoy the posts as they are added!  Whilst you are waiting for them, here is June's edition for your giggling pleasure! Out of the mouths of babes (June 2012)


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